We provide world-class multi-disciplinary cancer training to optimize cancer care in Sub-Saharan Africa.


We conduct research and clinical trials to improve care and treatment of cancer, blood diseases, and non-communicable diseases.

Clinical Care

We offer world-class cancer screening, cancer treatment, and patient care at our main facility and in the communities we serve .

The Best Medics, Doctors & Physicians for A Healing Touch

International Cancer Institute works with some of the finest medical and clinical oncologists. oncology nurses, pathologists, oncology pharmacists at it's treatment and research clinic in Eldoret, Kenya.

ICI has also partnered with county and national governments across Kenya and the region to support in cancer care and treatment through EMPOWER, Blueprint and Shining Tower projects.

Our Cancer Screening, Treatment, and Palliative Care Services

International Cancer Institute's mission is to improve patient outcomes across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by providing access to quality medication, providing access to knowledge and best practices to healthcare professionals, and providing support to patients.

Medication Access Programs

We ensure our patients have access to high-quality medication for different cancers at highly subsidized rates thanks to mutual partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies.

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Laboratory Services

International Cancer Institute offers affordable, high-quality and in-depth laboratory services. Get your test results delivered in record time.

Creation Hive

International Cancer Insitute (ICI) partners with Creation Hive to provide support to cancer patients during their treatment at ICI.

Annual Comprehensive Hematology & Oncology Review (AnCHOR) Conference

International Cancer Insitute hosts the Annual Comprehensive Hematology Review (AnCHOR) conference that brings together healthcare professionals, governments, pharmas, and other cancer and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) stakeholders from across the world.

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Who We Are

International Cancer Institute is one of the best cancer hospitals in Kenya that offers thorough screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care for patients with different types of cancer. We also double-up as a research and training facility that partners with national governments, county governments, pharmaceutical companies, learning institutions in Kenya and Sub-Saharan African (SSA) to advance standard treatment and care of cancer patients.

Through education and training of healthcare professionals, policy and advocacy, research, telemedicine, and outreach activities, we ensure that patients across the region have access to highly effective cancer detection and treatment.

The Best-in-Class Oncology Cirriculum & Training

International Cancer Institute offers the best oncology training and Continous Medical Education (CMEs) for healthcare professionals across Sub-Sarahan Africa. Our training features faculty drawn from across the world.

Healing Ailments with a Caring Touch

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Mark Juma Ambuya

Trans-Zoia, Kenya.

I am Mark Juma Ambuya, 48 years from Trans-Zoia (Kenya). Early 2020, I had neck pain, cough, difficulty swallowing, and oral ulcers. I was diagnosed with stage II squamous cell carcinoma of Oesophagus. Thanks to International Cancer Insitute and my family, I was able to get the right care and medication - in two weeks, I could walk on my own and was much stronger.