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Philanthropy & Patient Support

At the International Cancer Institute, our focus is on the welfare of our patients. We actively engage in acts of philanthropy as well as providing unparalleled patient support regardless of the patient's background or financial status.

As part of our patient support initiative, we provide transport, food, NHIF, supportive care, staging, and biopsies for patients that can't afford these. This is done to maximize the treatment and optimize their care.

Through strong partnerships with pharma and County Ministries of Health, we provide access-to-drugs programs to our patients e.g. Herceptin, Rituximab, Adcetris, Xeloda. This allows our patients to acquire medication affordably.

Wellness Center

Our partnership with the Creation Hive Organization has allowed us to provide a "Macdonald-style" wellness center for our patients.

Creation Hive was born out of the desire to inspire, prepare, and employ individuals/families affected by life-changing diseases such as cancer. Their goal is to serve underserved communities by helping them succeed in the local and global economy.

The wellness center provides a home-away-from-home experience for patients that seek treatment or investigation at our main Facility in Eldoret. ICI supports patients drawn from different parts of the country and the region. Our wellness center also hosts patient support groups for our cancer survivors where they learn different crafts and get mentorship.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 – 17.00
Weekends Closed
Holidays Closed

Quick Contacts

  • Address P.O. Box 8088-30100, Nandi Rd., Eldoret
  • Phone +254 718 473 446