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We have initiated Telemedicine and Telepathology development support. We have also established virtual multidisciplinary tumor boards twice weekly and hosting more than 30 centers across SSA for over a year now.

Besides the Peer-to-peer oncology consultants exchange programs in SSA we support, we also assist in the creation of patient IEC material on common malignancies in Africa.

Multi-centre Telemedicine Programme Implementation

As part of our patient-centered model of comprehensive cancer care, we have been able to partner with 12 sites/county government hospitals to further our vision of optimizing health care delivery, and overall health and wellbeing of our patients through a pilot telemedicine program. This pilot builds on a model for community partnership to connect marginalized centres (spokes), the “hub” and surrounding areas to optimize provision of healthcare services through a telehealth software which we have installed, deployed and transitioned into an operational system working together with Join | Allm Inc.

Through combined efforts with our partners, we will strive to provide optimal health care to our patients, and ensure care is patient-centred, timely and of high quality. The telemedicine program will improve collaboration, communication, coordination of services, and continuity of care by supporting efficient real-time patient consultations by a multidisciplinary team of consultants. The program will also provide quality mentorship, education and training in the cancer care continuum to various healthcare workers participating from Kenya and beyond.

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