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International Cancer Institute (ICI) runs bi-weekly tumor boards on Mondays and Thursdays. The multi-disciplinary tumor boards bring together experts from different specialties to discuss the best and most effective plan of care for different cancers.


The tumor boards are in line with ICI’s mission to streamline the standard of care for cancer patients across resource-limited settings in Sub-Saharan Africa. We understand the challenges facilities go through to provide patients with specialized care.


Find out how you and your facility can benefit from ICI’s virtual tumor boards or VTB webinars below.

Why ICI’s tumor boards?

Expert and highly specialized panelists


ICI has a rich pool of specialized panelists for its tumor boards drawn from different places across the globe. We pick specific panelists for each case based on their expertise and experience in that area. Our panelists are the subject matter experts in their respective fields of practice.


Multi-disciplinary approach to care


We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care for all cancer patients. Our tumor boards feature a multi-disciplinary team that includes surgeons, clinical and medical oncologists, radiotherapists, palliative care nurses, nutritionists, and pathologists, just to name a few.


Local and readily accessible care plans


Care plans for cancer patients vary depending on geographic location, disease stage, and patient financial capacity, among others. Our tumor boards take a lot of factors into consideration to ensure the recommended care and management plans are not only effective for the patient but also accessible.


Quick turnaround time on cases


ICI holds tumor boards bi-weekly on Mondays and Fridays. The frequency of the cases allows us to dispense cases quickly with each session capable of handling two or more cases depending on their complexity.


Your patients do not have to wait long to start their treatment and care, start them off on their care plan from renowned experts.


Live virtual case discussions


ICI tumor boards are virtual so you and your team members can join from anywhere across the globe and follow the discussion. As the sessions are live, you can directly ask questions to the panelist and receive 

Partnering with International Cancer Institute’s Multi-disciplinary Tumor Board Program!

International Cancer Institute is always open to partnering with other facilities to improve standards of care for cancer patients across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our multi-disciplinary tumor boards are an excellent way to access expert opinion for cancer patients battling different cancers at different stages.


Write to us at to see how your facility can benefit from the virtual tumor boards.

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