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Why International Cancer Institute?

At the International Cancer Institute, we know the difficulty cancer patients go through in choosing a hospital for care. Every patient deserves all the support and care to deal with the life-changing diagnosis of cancer. Here’s why we are the best option for your cancer care and treatment.


The best specialists and state-art-of-the-art facilities

International Cancer Institute specializes in cancer and blood disorders. This specialty is what makes us stand out as our doctors, nurses, and caregivers have more experience in this area compared to other facilities. Coming to International Cancer Institute greatly improves outcomes for your diagnosis.


International Cancer Institute has over the last few years partnered with County First Ladies Association (CFLA) and other stakeholders through the EMPOWER program to establish cancer centers in different counties. We have been instrumental in building capacity for these centers through referrals to our facility, training, mentorship, and patient support.


We have heavily invested in state of state-of-the-art equipment to give accurate diagnosis, care, and treatment to our patients. We also offer counseling, patient education, and support throughout your treatment – sometimes a patient and caring physician makes all the difference in your treatment.

International Standards of Care

We are both an ASCO and ESMO-designated center. Additionally, our laboratory services are ISO certified. We ensure our patients get the most current standards of care for screening, care, and treatment when they visit our care and research facility in Kenya.


Our oncology doctors, nurses, pharm-techs, and caregivers receive regular continuous medical education (CMEs) and other professional training and certifications to ensure they serve you better.

Patient support & education

There are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to cancer treatment and care in Sub-Saharan Africa. That is why we make it our policy to educate and provide support to patients during screening, treatment, and care for both patients and their caregivers. When you visit our facility, we provide the following services to help you deal with the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of the disease.


  • Counseling and support: We provide our patients with emotional and psychological support through counseling as they go through screening and treatment. We also link our patients with support groups that are instrumental during a patient’s
  • Patient education: We make it a point to educate all our patients about their condition, the outcomes of treatments and therapies, and any concerns they may have. We also have educational materials for patients, including survivor videos, available on our website.
  • Clinical trials: ICI participates in phase I, II, III, & IV clinical trials. Clinical trials provide the latest and alternative therapies and treatments for cancers. Talk to us to see if you qualify for the clinical trials.

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