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Cancer screening is one of the best measures for early diagnosis of cancer and greatly improves cancer treatment. The earlier the cancer is found the earlier a patient can begin the cancer treatment. Are you looking for cancer screening in Kenya? you have come to the right place.

Cancer screening is the process of looking for cancer in a person who has not yet shown any symptoms. The goal of screening is to identify cancer in the earliest possible stage and treat it as soon as possible.

What are the different types of cancer screening tests?

A screening test may include any of the following:


Physical exam and patient: A doctor or physician may conduct a physical exam of your body to identify physical signs of disease such as lumps. It is also not uncommon for them to go through your medical history to identify any risk factors or medications taken.


Laboratory tests: A doctor or physician will take samples of urine, blood, blood, or any other body substance for laboratory tests and analysis.


Imaging: imaging is a process that takes pictures of certain areas inside your body.


Genetic testing: Your cells and tissue can be analyzed in a laboratory for changes in chromosomes or genes. The changes may indicate signs of disease or risks of a specific disease or condition.

What should you expect when you go for screening?

Most cancers, like many other diseases, have better treatment outcomes when they are discovered early. There are many reasons to go for a screening test.


  1. Best way to find cancer before the onset of symptoms
  2. Improves outcomes for cancers that are found early
  3. Improves quality of life if you are found with cancer and begin care and treatment at whatever stage

Is cancer screening a cancer diagnosis?

Cancer screening results are not a cancer diagnosis. Once your doctor or physician gets your screening results, they can then determine whether you need further testing to conclusively determine whether you have cancer or not. 


The tests that determine whether or not you have cancer are called biopsies. A biopsy entails removing cells or tissues that are then examined by a pathologist to determine whether they are cancerous.

Who should go for cancer screening?

Different cancers have specific guidelines on who can undergo screening. Your doctor or physician will let you know the screenings you can undertake and the frequency. Some of the considerations may include:

  • History of cancer, either personal or family
  • Exposure to carcinogenic substances such as cigarettes or certain chemicals
  • Age
  • Some gene mutations
  • Unexplained blood clots
  • etc,


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Cancer screening at International Cancer Institute

Are you looking for cancer screening in Kenya? Look no further than International Cancer Institute (ICI). At ICI, we have a team of highly specialized physicians that are experienced with different types of cancers. At the same time, we have world-class screening equipment that improves early detection and ultimately cancer diagnosis.


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