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International Cancer Insitute (ICI) is a not-for-profit organization specializing in cancer care, research, training, and capacity across Sub-Saharan Africa. We are also an ESMO and a member of UICC, championing international standards of care for all our patients.


International Cancer Insitute (ICI) has been in operation since 2019 with its main headquarters in Eldoret, Kenya. ICI runs multiple programs across different counties in Kenya and other Sub-Saharan African countries, focusing on ICI’s key pillars of training, research, advocacy, philanthropy, and patient care.

ICI’s Core Focus Areas of Global Oncology

  • Clinical Care
  • Education & Training (capacity building)
  • Research including clinical trials
  • Partnerships
  • Advocacy
  • Policy
  • Funding & strengthening Public HC systems


International Cancer Institute Centers of Operation


International Cancer Insitute has three main centers of operation in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. These centers house different programs and departments. They include:

  • Center for Data, Training, and Research
    • Office of IT and Data
    • Office of Education and Training
    • Office of Research and Clinical Trials (Phase I, II, III, and IV)
  • Center for Clinical Care and Community Outreach
    • Office of Clinical Care & Diagnostics 
      • Cancer & Hematology Care & Research Clinic
      • Fully equipped functional Histopathology Lab with immunohistochemistry (Ventana) &grossing unit
      • HPV testing, Molecular & Full chemistry plus hematology lab (Biobanking set-up on course)
      • Oncology Pharmacy, RFP, and ICI AtM electronic system.
      • OpenMRS for our electronic medical system (eICI)
    • Office of Community Outreach
      • Shining Tower Project (ICI & Roche Partnership)
      • Blueprint for Innovative Access to Healthcare (Partnership with Takeda and multiple implementing partners)
      • EMPOWER (Enabling and Motivating Partnership Owned by Women to Engage and Reclaim their lives)
      • Partnerships, county governments, advocacy, Policy makers, Foundations, and academic institutions, etc.
  • The Wellness Center & Creation Hive (Patient support and empower training center); is a concept similar to “McDonald’s House” in the US but also has a training component, palliative care, and patient support services i.e. transport, food, etc.

Education & Training


International Cancer Insitute (ICI) offers education and training programs that expand opportunities for cancer care, research, training, and advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our training curriculum attracts participants from different parts of the world with highly-vetted and highly-qualified faculty and consultants. We also facilitate the functions of the College of Oncologists of East, Central, and Southern Africa (ECSACO) and partner with higher institutions of learning to develop curricula for oncology training.


ICI has engaged more than 200 faculty drawn from different countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kingdom of Eswatini, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, India, USA, etc. We have also developed and taught more than a hundred programs both online and online with more than 4000 participants across different cadres such as doctors, nurses, and cancer registrars, among others.


Our oncology training is classified as either Clinical (CMES, preceptorships, and Workshops) or Non-Clinical. In addition, we also offer bi-weekly multidisciplinary tumor boards that are CPD accredited by regulatory authorities in Kenya,

Community Outreach


International Cancer Institute has a very active community outreach program that is able to screen on an annual basis:

  • 50,000 – 100,000 clients for breast and/or cervical cancers.
  • 1,000 – 3,000 clients for prostate cancer.
  • Integrate hypertension and diabetes mellitus (DM) in cancer screening programs
  • Diagnose 5,000 cancers annually
  • Perform mental health assessments at the community level.


In addition, International Cancer Institute (ICI) currently partners with 20 counties and centers (a population of about 20 million) in Kenya to perform screening and early detection and assist in the establishment of comprehensive cancer centers from where quality cancer care is provided. Some of the country partnerships under Blueprint include Blueprint Kenya (Meru county), Blueprint Rwanda, Blueprint Tanzania, Blueprint Uganda, & mini-Blueprint Burundi. 


Blueprint for Innovative Healthcare Access, EMPOWER, and Other Partnerships


We have multisectoral collaborations and partnerships with both national and county governments, non-governmental organizations, pharma, and other stakeholders to bridge the care gap in Sub-Saharan Africa through our Blueprint for Innovative Access to Care program currently in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. We have also partnered with the County First Ladies Association (CFLA), Roche, and other partners in the Empower Programs to increase access to cancer care in different counties across Kenya.



To prevent and cure cancer through pioneering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, to translate new knowledge into better prevention and treatment, and to provide effective and compassionate clinical care that improves the lives of patients with cancer and their families. ICI is committed to excellence in research, dynamic partnerships between collaborating centers, laboratories and clinics, robust outreach and education throughout sub-Saharan Africa, while engaging in outstanding education and training programs for future cancer scientists and clinicians.


To midwife cancer medicine discoveries, lead efforts to prevent and cure cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, and contribute to solving the problems of cancer globally while providing the optimal level of safe, innovative, compassionate care for patients with cancer throughout the region

Core Values

Quality, Integrity, Respect for People, Personal Accountability, Collaboration, Sustainability, Innovation, Diversity, Leadership, Good Citizenship, Team Work, and Customer Commitment.

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