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ECSACO Member Registration

The East Central & Southern Africa College of Oncologists (ECSACO) is a professional body whose purpose is to advance and foster postgraduate education in oncology and lead in providing cancer care training throughout the East, Central, and Southern Africa (ECSA) region.
The resolution to establish the College was arrived at in November 2016, from a meeting that brought together various healthcare professionals and players in the cancer care realm upon the realization that there was a need of addressing the shortfall of the oncology workforce in the region. Since then, the steering team embarked on a journey to have the College registered and recognized as the main regional Oncology training body for cancer care professionals. This has been facilitated by International Cancer Institute (ICI), tasked with midwifing the College by assisting with its functions and registration process by providing the secretariat on a contractual basis and initiating collaborations between members across the region. 

Primary Objectives of the College 

Upon full establishment, the East Central & Southern Africa College of Oncologists (ECSACO) will be a professional body that advances postgraduate training and education in oncology across East, Central, and Southern Africa region with three primary objectives as follows:
  •  Advancing education, training, standards of practice, and research in cancer care within its regional scope.
  •  Shape and lead the training, examination, and accreditation of oncologists in the ECSA region through a common oncology training program with a common examination and an internationally recognized oncology qualification. 
  • Be the custodian of the East Central and South African Journal of Oncology (ECSAJO). 


To be the reference oncology body in the region of East, Central, and South Africa and beyond. 


To promote excellence in Oncology Care, Training, and Research.


The College encourages the establishment of National Oncology Associations and Societies in the constituent member countries and these bodies shall be affiliate corporate bodies of the College of Oncologists. ECSACO is currently a constituent college of the East Central and Southern Africa College of Health Sciences (ECSA-CHS) and is to be affiliated to any other Colleges or Associations, within and without the region of East, Central and Southern Africa, as the Council of the College will deem fit. 

Member Countries 

The College focuses on Sub-Saharan, East Central & Southern Africa region. Currently, there are more than 8 countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland which are part of the College.


The ECSACO members’ meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month.

ECSACO Membership Registration



Annual Registration Fees

Associate Member – $30 (KSh. 4,285.50)
Full Member – $50 (Ksh. 7,137.50)
Overseas Member – $100 (Ksh. 14,260.00)


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Associate Member, Full Member, Overseas Member

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Bank Account Details
Bank Name: ABSA
Account Number: 0026010306
Account Name: ECSA College of Health Sciences
Physical Address: Goliondoi Road Ground Floor Ngorongoro Tourism Centre, Tanzania
Country: Arusha Tanzania
Currency: USD
  •   Proceed to register first, then make payments within 4 weeks of registration


USD Rates for the packages are:

  • Member – $50
  • Fellow – $100
  • Overseas Fellow – $120

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 – 17.00
Weekends Closed
Holidays Closed

Quick Contact

  • Address P.O. Box 8088-30100, Nandi Rd., Eldoret
  • Phone +254 718 473 446