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ICI is at the forefront of using the latest medical software and technology for its research program. We make take advantage of Electronic Medical Records and Essential Clinical Data Management through OpenMRS. In addition, our Shining Tower Project in partnership with Pharma has introduced personalized care in the region.

Through the Executive Director Prof. Chite, International Cancer Institute takes part in a Research-Collaborative lung cancer research (MLCCP) with Kenya, South Africa, Eswatini, Tanzania, and Lesotho (PI: Chite). We also have partnerships with several regional and international universities.

Our Leaps in Research

Research is one of the pillars of the International Cancer Institute. We have co-hosted the training of cancer registry staff as well as showed the importance of research on registry data.

We have created a functional immune-research and molecular laboratory that has been operational since August 2020. We have also been conducting a clinical trial base for oncology and hematology in SSA. Our current trials include SCD Phase II and III trials, not to mention the breast cancer Phase III clinical trial we are currently onboarding.


We have Four IIT studies on Lung Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Breast, and Cervical Cancer underway. We also support cervical cancer HPV and screening studies as well. ICI has procured the HPV DNA COBAS 4800, which is already in the facility with staff already trained, to help with the clinical care/study. This is a study that follows up women aged 25 to 69 years in the community over 5 years using cervical cancer screening that incorporates HPV DNA testing.

ICI - Clinical Trials Center

Clinical trials are a type of research that study drugs, other biological products, medical devices, procedures (surgical, radiological, laboratory), behavioural treatments and preventive care to evaluate their effectiveness on health outcomes and consequently decide their implementation to standards of care.

ICI is a clinical trials centre for multiple international multi-centre phase II, III, and IV randomized controlled trials for both haematology and oncology-related studies. With this, we hope to implement novel, innovative and congruent management approaches for populations served. Learn more about our clinical trials!

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