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ICI is at the forefront of shaping policy development in the national as well as county governments of Kenya. We work with the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) to improve cancer drug access, affordability, and availability in public government facilities. KEMSA is the Kenyan government agency mandated with the procurement and supply of all drugs in the Kenyan public hospitals.

ICI Participates in policy-making as part of the technical groups working with the MOH Kenya. Some of the policies we help shape include: Screening policy, Cancer treatment policy, Kenya Cancer Policy, National Cancer Management Guidelines, National Cancer Control Policy, etc. ICI is a member of UICC, IGCS, ASCO, ESMO, amongst other organizations.

ICI supports governments in SSA in establishing their National Cancer Control Plans and Programs. We have also partnered with IARC for biobanking. This partnership ensures our patients have a chance of getting innovative medicines in the future from the specimens that are entered in the biobank. IARC provides unprecedented support for biobanking at ICI.

ICI has Co-hosted cancer stakeholders meetings (led by respective Ministries of Health) with several SSA countries to discuss and develop an implementation plan for the cancer control problems in those countries; Eswatini, Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We have also co-hosted training of Cancer registry staff from 11 African countries at the ICI Center in Eldoret.

ICI is proud to collaborate with the First Ladies Association - EMPOWER project in Kenya. The Empower project is an organization that brings together 47 county First ladies towards early detection and screening of breast and cervical cancers.

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