Access CPD-accredited oncology courses, CMEs, and virtual multi-disciplinary tumor boards with highly vetted and skill faculty and consultants.


Access the most current treatment for cancer and blood disorders with our Stage I, II, III, and IV clinical trials and other research activities.

Clinical Care

Get specialized cancer and blood disorders screening, treatment, care, and support from a one of the best cancer clinics in Kenya.

Affordable & Highly Specialized Cancer Screening and Cancer Treatment Clinic

International Cancer Institute offers affordable cancer screening, cancer treatment, and cancer care services in Eldoret, Kenya. It has a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory that ensures you get your biopsy and pathology results in record time.

Besides that, International Cancer Institute oncology clinicians, nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacists are among the best in Kenya, with additional consultants from around the world that discuss your case every Monday or Thursday in Virtual Multidisciplinary Tumor-boards (VTB) to give you the best possible care.

At the International Cancer Institute Care and Research Clinic, we specialize in all types of cancers and blood disorders, giving patients the most current cancer care. Take advantage of our clinical trials to get the latest treatment options in for different cancers.

Are you far from Eldoret? We have partnered with Creation Hive limited to give you a place to stay when you visit our clinic.

Innovative Patient-Centric Services & Programs

International Cancer Institute’s mission is to improve patient outcomes across Sub-Saharan Africa through early screening and detection, access to medication programs, innovations in treatment and care, capacity building of limited resource settings, and research activities.

ICI conducts different programs and activities that not only support all stakeholders in patient care, but also patient themselves.

Medication Access Programs

International Cancer Institute runs an innovative Medication Access Program that avails highly-subsidized and hard-to-get cancer drugs for common cancers and blood disorders such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin leukemias, among many others.

Are you interested in participating in the program? Find out more!

Laboratory Services

Get precise and high-quality results with a high turnaround time from International Cancer Institute’s Histopathology (Immunotherapy and Grossing Unit), HPV testing, Molecular, and Full Chemistry & Hematology lab.


International Cancer Institute run a successful pilot of a telemedicine program in a hub-and-spoke model with resource limited facilities across different counties. Plans are underway to launch the program.

Creation Hive

International Cancer Institute (ICI) continues to partner with The Wellness & Creation Hive Limited to provide support, care, and hospitality to cancer patients during their treatment at ICI in a concept similar to the “McDonald’s House” model.

Digital Pathology

International Cancer Institute has a pioneer Digital Pathology program that supports and capacity-builds participating resource-limited centers across Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa to improve patient outcomes.

Annual Comprehensive Hematology & Oncology Review (AnCHOR) Conference

The International Cancer Institute hosts the Annual Comprehensive Hematology and Oncology Review (AnCHOR) conference. The conference highlights current milestones, challenges, and innovations in cancer care and research in Sub-Saharan Africa.

AnCHOR conference attracts different stakeholders in the cancer and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) industry; survivors, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, Pharma, county and national governments

Accredited by your favorite insurance companies

Paying for your cancer screening and cancer treatment has never been easier. International Cancer Institute is accredited by popular insurance companies to give you the best possible care without worry about costs.

Don’t have an insurance cover? International Cancer Institute has highly subsidized rates for all its services. Check below whether International Cancer Institute is accredited by your insurance provider.

Who We Are

International Cancer Institute is a leading cancer research, clinical trials, cancer screening, cancer treatment, and cancer training facility based in Eldoret, Kenya. ICI is at the forefront of championing innovative solutions to care problems in resource limited settings across Sub-Saharan Africa

International Cancer Institute has trained more than 4000 health care professionals across Sub-Saharan Africa through its education program. It continues to host weekly multi-disciplinary tumor-boards that are CPD accredited.

ICI regularly conducts free screening, and other cancer awareness campaigns across different counties in partnership with other stakeholders. The ICI clinic offers one of the most affordable chemotherapy administrations in Kenya for different types of cancers. We also have linkages with partner facilities for patient referrals.

International Cancer Institute is one of the few clinical trial centers in Kenya for Stage I, II, III, and IV clinical trials. Find out the ongoing clinical trials for breast cancer, esophageal cancer, sickle cell, multiple myeloma, among many others.

International Cancer Institute is both an ESMO and ASCO designated sight with UICC membership. ICI has rich partnerships with pharma, governments, advocacy groups, survivors, and other stakeholders to ensure access to high-quality cancer and non-communicable diseases care.

Multidisciplinary Oncology Training

International Cancer Institute has developed a comprehensive curriculum for all cadres of health workers in oncology. The courses include short self-paced learning, virtual preceptorships, onsite training, and skills training with highly skilled and vetted faculty.

Since inception, ICI has trained more than 4OOO healthcare practitioners and continues build capacity for different cadres of healthcare professionals. In addition, ICI hosts bi-weekly multidisciplinary tumor boards every Monday and Thursdays with real patient cases and consultants. Each webinar is CPD accredited.

Do you want to build capacity for your workers? Find out training opportunities suitable for your organization today!

Healing Ailments with a Caring Touch

Check-out Our Activities

Mark Juma Ambuya

Trans-Zoia, Kenya.

I am Mark Juma Ambuya, 48 years from Trans-Zoia (Kenya). Early 2020, I had neck pain, cough, difficulty swallowing, and oral ulcers. I was diagnosed with stage II squamous cell carcinoma of Oesophagus. Thanks to International Cancer Insitute and my family, I was able to get the right care and medication - in two weeks, I could walk on my own and was much stronger.