Mark Juma Ambuya - Stage II Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oesophagus

Meet Mark Juma Ambuya, a 48-year-old male from Trans-Zoia (Kenya). Early this year, he started having neck pains, coughing, difficulty swallowing, and oral ulcers. He visted a dispensary and then a hospital, where a biopsy was taken and was diagnosed with stage II squamous cell carcinoma of Oesophagus. Despite being given advice on the way forward, he decided, like many do, to seek aid from local traditional herbalists. The symptoms worsened and became very ill. His family was devastated.

Through our Patient Navigator, we got to identify his case and referred him to our clinic for review. He was brought in very weak, unable to walk, talk by his family but after two weeks of appropriate treatment and supportive care he left walking without the support and gained substantial strength. He was appreciated all the support, love, and care his loved ones offered and the care provided.

Many patients continue suffering, and only present/revisit the hospital when the situation worsens. We would like to encourage everyone to seek timely medical advice from healthcare providers as it prevents morbidity, disability, and mortality.